About Psychologist-License.com

Psychologist-License.com aims to streamline and simplify the psychologist licensure requirement search by organizing the information into a more easy to navigate format than what is found via the search engines and some of the licensure board websites. It was a large undertaking and one that the state licensure boards do not necessarily have the time or budget to focus on. The idea to create a more efficient way to explore the requirements for licensure as a psychologist was based off of personal experience trying to navigate the education and degree requirements needed in my state. Fortunately a friend, a practicing psychologist, was there to provide assistance. Not everyone has a psychologist friend to help them along the way. Psychologist-License.com is for those who need assistance finding some of the more imperative psychologist license requirements. Psychologist-License.com is a work in progress. Please share your thoughts, stories and advice.